“Every change of perspective is accompanied by the chance to discover something new in the familiar.”
– Markus Mirwald

We opened a pop-up office 4000k away from last October 2019 to the beginning of March this year to help up change our perspective so we could tap into more creative business solutions for our clients.

What it gave us was two things: A remote working ability honed by having teams shuffled between Lanzarote and Ludwigshafen just ahead of a time when the whole world needed to learn how to do that. And we discovered some simple ways to shake up the normal way we think about business, and solutions for our work and for our clients.


Starting in October 2019, we sent teams of up to six people to live and work from a villa in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote for two weeks at a time. We kept up our daily work while project managers, designers, tech and concept teams rotated from Lanzarote to Ludwigshafen. We completed projects, started new ones and even connected with new clients while working remotely. And we got to know more about ourselves, and the people we work with along the way.


We took a look at our attitudes before and after our pop up office experience. Explore how our perspective shifted below.



53% rated themselves as more confident after the pop-up office.


87% rated themselves as very curious both before and after the Lanzarote experience.


25% felt that their ability to work in a team is expandable.



66% rated themselves as very empathic even before the pop-up office.
33% felt even more empathic afterwards


For 40% the experience had a positive influence on their personal organizational skills.


67% feel that their experiences in the pop-up office have made them personally more courageous.

The Team – before and after:


During the pop-up office our team lived together for several weeks and therefore got to know each other on a completely different level. How would the individual perception of our colleagues change? To document this question, we asked everyone to rate their team with the help of given attributes before and after the Lanzarote experience.


The aim was to find out if the Lanzarote adventure influenced the view on the routines of everyday life as well as the willingness to break out of one’s own comfort zone. For this purpose, the team was to place itself between two statements after the pop-up office:


  • Y-AXIS: “The pop-up office has not changed my fear of breaking out of my comfort zone – I remain fearless.”
  • X-AXIS: “Thanks to the experience of the Pop-Up Office I am more courageous – I am less afraid to break out of my comfort zone and do things I thought I couldn’t do.”



But why should you care about all this? Because this way of working is not an exception to how we work, it’s a rule. We navigate changes easily, and we can help you do the same. We’re able to be your partner with you whilst looking at your business landscape from an outside-in perspective all at the same time.

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