Taking patient education to a new level.

The correct use of medical products for the treatment of diabetes is crucial for therapeutic success. It is therefore imperative that patients be thoroughly instructed on how to use their devices. For many people with diabetes, their insulin pump is a constant companion that supplies insulin around the clock. It is essential for them to understand how it works and to feel utterly confident about using it. Providing patients with easy and flexible access to important information about their Roche products is a key concern for the new training portal Accu‑Chek Academy. Thanks to its playful features and function as central content hub, it is unique and highly innovative.

The Challenge – The Briefing.

We were asked to develop a concept that would make Roche Diabetes Care’s training more innovative and digital. It needed to enable patients and instructors to access a unique service, as well as efficient updates and distribution of relevant product-training materials.


The Goals

  • Make the target group more familiar with the handling of the product
  • Optimize the instruction/training of patients
  • Generate endorsements from specialists
  • Position the diabetes care brand Accu‑Chek as a comprehensive service-partner able to understand the needs of diabetics and optimally support them in their therapy

The Target Group

B2B: doctors, diabetes specialists, diabetes consultants, health care professionals, Roche stakeholders (trainers)

B2C: People with diabetes, their families and care-givers

The Insight

Accu‑Chek Academy is more than conventional E-learning. It is a platform that allows playful access to content that still remains highly informative. After all, modern online learning platforms must be able to offer more than dry facts and rigid instruction. Instead, they need to create enthusiasm and motivate the user. Equally important are centralised maintenance and updates of content, as well as straightforward configuration for the differing needs in these diverse target groups.

One Platform – Three Central Functions.

The user can check information in the Handbook at any time and on any device. The manual can be downloaded as a PDF, or printed. It can also be loaded onto all common e-book reading devices. This way, the user has all the relevant information at their fingertips – which is very helpful for troubleshooting when out of the house.

E-learning is exclusively reserved for online use. Content is visually supported by graphics, animation, images and videos, which ensures that even complex subjects are presented in an easily understandable way. At the end of each chapter, a quiz deepens the user’s knowledge in a playful way.

The Presentation Area, especially designed for the target groups of instructors, Roche employees and diabetes specialists, provides information in a condensed form, focussing on essentials, aimed to support dialogue and training in the best possible way. Here, users can create their own customized presentations of the available content – using only what they need – and then saving the presentation for use online, or download it as a PPT or PDF.

Gamification as Key to Learners’ Success.

When people enjoy what they are doing, they do better. What was a truism at school became a guideline for us while developing this online learning platform. Within e-learning section, a quiz at the end of each chapter assesses the user’s knowledge. Wrong answers are corrected and the participant receives an illustrative clarification for correct replies.

Registered users can review their learning progress on individual Accu‑Chek products at any time. Progress is measured by evaluating all e-learning activities. The user can check the percentage of content already studied, and how many quizzes he or she has successfully completed

So-called badges create a further playful incentive. These attractively designed emblems are awarded after completing various stages within the learning process. They are a reward that has scored very highly in numerous usability tests!

The Right Presentation For Everyone.

With just a few clicks, instructors and healthcare professionals can compose their own individual presentations from a pool of content slides in the presentation area, can save them, export them in PDF or PPT, or print them. This means that participants can also use their presentations off-line. For example, a diabetes specialist could prepare an accurate and precise presentation that can support him or her in a dialogue with the patient. Their limited time with the patient can then be used in the best possible way.

…the Right Place at the Right Time.

Even when on the road, users can quickly access information from any of the three areas, thanks to the responsive design of the platform and the dynamic search function. The Accu‑Chek Academy search function supports the user in two ways. Firstly, search results are classified, and secondly the search function uses a specially developed algorithm, which shows the user a ranking of content according to what has been most relevant to others who have searched with the same terminology.

Global Rollout.

The project is being rolled out globally step by step. Currently it is in use in Norway, Demark, Sweden and the Netherlands. In the near future, it will be available in Germany, England, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Spain, the UK and Italy.

  • Consultation
  • Digital strategy
  • Concepts & Creative
  • Usability & User experience
  • Process definition
  • Technical development of the platform
  • Content development / medical writing
  • Localization / International rollout

As lead-agency we support Roche Diabetes Care at the Academy with: