Patient communication 2.0.

About 500,000 people in Germany depend on anticoagulant drugs and have to go to their doctor every four to six weeks for a coagulation check-up. That is unless they test it themselves, using CoaguChek XS – the blood coagulation analyzer from Roche Diagnostics. For more than 10 years, cyperfection has been taking care of the digital image of the brand and has gradually rolled out many country versions. It was then time for a relaunching of the German brand website.

The challenge – the brief.

Give the CoaguChek digital brand a new face and highlight the benefits of the CoaguChek XS to patients in an appealing and comprehensive manner.


The Goals

  • Lead generation
  • Motivate patients to switch to coagulation self-management
  • Positioning of Roche Diagnostics as a smart solutions provider

The target group

People with blood clotting disorders and associated diseases

The insight

For people with coagulation disorders, life with CoaguChek is much easier, because they can keep a check on their own coagulation values making them less dependent on their doctors. The new brand website communicates precisely these everyday aspects rather than confronting patients with product features.

User-centered communication.

Instead of putting the product in the spotlight, the focus of the website is rather about the patients and their individual needs. That’s why one aspect centers on everyday topics such as nutrition, travel and exercise.

Experience product advantages in a multimedia fashion. is not your average guidebook: users will find editorial articles, reports and interesting facts. Most of the information is communicated via visual elements such as pictures and graphics as well as videos. The content was kept as brief and concise as possible. An interactive learning module illustrates the most important basics.

To reach the target group most effectively.

The website was tailored specifically to the 65+ target group. Large fonts and a clear arrangement of controls, as well as high-contrast call-to-action elements and buttons ensure that even less experienced users can easily find the content they’re looking for.

In a separate section of the website, even professional target groups get all the relevant information they need about the CoaguChek XS. The focus here is on practical case studies and hints about application possibilities and regulation of the device.

  • Definition of use cases and touchpoints
  • Concept & strategy
  • Usability & user experience
  • Design
  • Technical implementation (responsive)
  • Marketing concept & strategy

The new brand website of CoaguChek manages to explain complex relationships in a simple and clear way. The patients are certainly appreciative of this.