All the way around the whole world.

A globally uniform brand-image across all markets and digital channels: That is the goal and vision of Mannheim’s global lubricant Group: Fuchs Petrolub. cyperfection has been trusted with creating a consistent world-wide web presence, as well as planning and implementing its creation. Based on state of the art technologies and usability standards, it will present the Fuchs brand well into the future.

The Challenge – The Briefing.

In this case, “Across all markets” means coordinating 57 operating companies worldwide and their 40 websites. A consistent brand identity that allows for locally adaptive measures had to be created.


 The Goals

  • Harmonize the digital footprint and to pool it under a common roof.
  • Identify and position the Fuchs Group’s brand message.
  • Emphasize that the corporate group with its heterogeneous companies functions as a comprehensive whole that is able to offer suitable solutions to the most divers clients.

The Target Group

B2B: medium sized to large companies, predominantly production industry.

The Insight

While the Fuchs Group boasts a wide, comprehensive range of products, its clients have one thing in common. They are product focused and are keen to find relevant information quickly when visiting the website. The new websites will lead the user to the required information more quickly, thanks to suitable structures and tools.

Preparation is key.

Individual country or company factors need to be considered prior to the planning phase and demand a high level of managerial input to coordinate decisions and processes.

Surf the wave instead click though the jungle.

Aside from unified modules and an intuitive navigational concept, our digital professionals developed new services that offer our users extensive advantages. One of these is our “product-finder”. A few clicks suffice to get you to the relevant product information.


As specialists for digital brand management, we apply our expertise in the following areas for Fuchs:

  • Consulting: Rollout strategy and process definition
  • Autonomous steering of global rollout with international contacts
  • Contextual and technical drafting
  • Usability & User experience
  • Responsive web design
  • Technical implementation
  • User training
  • Technical support & editorial assistance

Global rollout #madebycyperfection.