Getting on top

Award-winning rebranding.

The owner-managed consulting agency auxilion paves the way for mid-sized family companies to their own retirement savings without involving any insurance companies or banks. This system from auxilion offers – one of a kind in all of Germany – is the perfect fit for all those companies that do not want to settle for standard solutions as a benchmark. It is ideal for companies that seek solutions that sustainably make their companies and their employees stronger.

Starting at strategic brand consulting all the way to communications reaching across all channels – cyperfection supported auxilion as the lead agency in creating user-oriented brand experiences that make the company’s innovative potential something you can feel.

The Challenge – The Briefing.

A strong brand positioning and a consistent appearance aim at gaining that crucial advantage in the highly contested market of company pension plans.


The Goals

  • Creating a uniform brand design
  • Increasing brand awareness and recognition
  • Boosting brand trust
  • Image building
  • Generating leads to new customers
  • Simple communication of complex subject matter

The Target Group

Financial managers, company management, HR managers and members of the work’s councils of mid-sized companies.

The Insight

Germany is a country of global market and technology leaders – mid-sized companies are the backbone of the German economy.

Thanks to the extraordinary innovative potential of mid-sized companies, German products are in high demand all over the world. With its innovative system, auxilion supports exactly these “mountaineers” in gaining the same kind of decisive edge in the area of company pension plans as well.

From a strong brand position to a striking appearance.

Authentic, courageous, competent and with integrity and a vision – supportive to the core. The new brand identity and its positioning create an authentic and stable basis for the web presence to come later and give guidance for the communications style.

Communicating clarity on the outside creates a clear and unequivocal user promise.

The tag line attached to the company logo allows you to see at first glance what sets auxilion apart from all the others:
bAV. Without a bank. Without an insurance company.

A company claim communicates the decisive advantage for the target group:
Auxilion: makes families and companies stronger

Brand appearance – different in its own unique way.

The redesign of the auxilion logo is the cornerstone for other style elements of the corporate design. Inspired by the logo’s triangles and the ascending line of the “X” in the company’s name, the “brand slope” becomes the eye-catching design element in various different forms, thus becoming a strong recognition factor.

The new company color red creates attention and in combination with the secondary colors differentiates between emotional and product-related communication.

Loyal to the region, a strong partner, close.

The black-and-white photos show people who are typical of the company and visualize how close auxilion is to its customers. Color photos of details afford a glance at everyday situations while outdoor photos of the scenery underline how loyal the company is to the region.

Clearly defined identify standards for digital and analog communication ensure a comprehensive appearance across all media.

Explore the system. And climb all the way to the top of the mountain.

The communications concept follows the insight into what is to be credited for the success of German companies – and the success of auxilion: innovative solutions, comprehensive services and the will power to achieve something spectacular together are the crucial elements for making it all the way to the top of the mountain.

Welcome to the Auxilion brand journey.

From the prep work to the lasting lingering moments on the mountaintop – building on and dovetailing into each other, communications takes the user on a journey and by doing so, explains the advantages of the system in simple words that are suitable for the target group.


As the lead agency we take care of auxilion in the following areas:

  • Brand development & positioning
  • Development of a tagline and company claim to express the new position (brand core)
  • Defining brand messaging and brand promise
  • Development of brand design (CD) with a digital focus (logo relaunch, development of CD basic elements), development of a visual style (image, people, communicating topics) and defining digital and analog identity standards
  • Definition of corporate language and copywriting for all media listed below
  • Concept and development of communication media (corporate website, image brochure, image film, sales-support measures, communication in the room, visual guidelines for customer videos etc.)
  • Execution of all media

So that messages are heard and success continues.