Natural forces enhanced digitally.

Omega Pharma is one of the leading manufacturers of over-the-counter medicines and care products. The core competence of the company that was founded in 1987, lies in the development and marketing of innovative products to improve well-being and support a healthy lifestyle. Since the end of 2014, the Belgian company has been part of Perrigo, one of the world’s largest companies in the consumer healthcare sector, expanding its strong brand portfolio with products such as Abtei®, WARTNER® and GRANU FINK®.

The GRANU FINK® brand has been offering tried-and-tested herbal medicines for the relief of urological complaints for over 50 years. In order to sustainably raise awareness of the natural and proven effectiveness of GRANU FINK®, it was also necessary to take the brand communication digitally to a new level.

The challenge – the brief

A concept for the digital communication of GRANU FINK® that emphasises being a natural and effective alternative to urological complaints and at the same time adds value through customer-centricity. The aim is to encourage doctors, pharmacists and end consumers to make the switch away from chemical medicines and to raise awareness of the benefits of GRANU FINK®. With the help of tailor-made, target group-centred communication solutions, the GRANU FINK® brand should also be positioned digitally as the number 1 in urological self-medication.


The goals.

  • Positioning of the GRANU FINK® brand as an effective herbal alternative for urological complaints
  • Motivate end users and medical professionals / healthcare professionals to switch to GRANU FINK® products
  • Improve brand awareness among (potential) customers

Target group.

  • APIs, pharmacists and specialists
  • Men aged 40 and over

The insight.

Complaints about urination are usually ignored for a long time. Men in particular tend to suppress the problem. A doctor is often only consulted if there is an acute problem. Usually chemical medication is recommended due to the reservations amongst experts regarding the therapeutic efficacy of herbal medicines predominates. Patients also tend to prefer this route as the costs are being taken care of by the health insurance companies.

GRANU FINK® can already be used as a natural solution of self-medication when the first problems arise. In order to change this perception and therefore fill this gap, it is necessary to communicate the clear advantages of GRANU FINK® and create trust in the effectiveness of the end customer as well as doctors and pharmacists. As an early applicable medicinal product based on herbal ingredients, GRANU FINK® reflects the ongoing trend of natural health care.


As part of a joint workshop a communication concept was tailored to the target groups and developed. Initially, the focus was on the analysis of the different needs. The first key realisation was that the very different target groups of end customers and medical specialists require tailored measures with target group-specific added value. The result was a communication solution that addresses the very different perspectives of professionals/specialists and end users.

Information for specialist groups – digitally bundled.

The solution for the target group of specialists, general practitioners and pharmacists was the conception and development of a special HCP platform that provides scientifically sound information. The various areas on the website are based on the level of knowledge and the relevance for the respective medical professional profile of the users. Information about products, production processes, webinars, further training and studies provide information about GRANU FINK® as an effective herbal alternative. The speech focuses on clarity and objectivity whilst the focus of communication is on scientifically verifiable statements and medical added value.

Everything for men.

The design and fine concept of the online lifestyle magazine “GENTLEMÄNNER +” creates a communicative way to bring the unpleasant topics around urological complaints digitally closer to the core target group. “GRANU FINK® Prosta forte 500 mg” is positioned as effective herbal alternative that is sustainable yet non-intrusive. With inspiring content related to health, nutrition and fashion, an easy entry is created with great sensitivity especially for male end users. Information about urination is packaged in a playful manner using classic men’s topics – often without directly confronting the user with the problem or the product.


As digital agency of Perrigo:

  • Holistic advice
  • Creative & concept
  • Usability & User Experience
  • Technical realization
  • Website support

Digital communication #madebycyperfection.