Made-to measure internal solutions.

A business is successful, when it manages to recruit the best employees in their field and bind them to the company. Open and effective internal communication promotes the development of employees and thus that of the company. An effectively functioning and well-structured Intranet contributes to this immensely.

Numerous well-known clients from industries such as pharmceuticals, chemistry, research, finance and local councils trust our knowhow and have already implemented numerous Intranet projects with us.

The Challenge – The Briefing.

Slimmed down processes and increased efficiency: Intelligent Intranet solutions facilitate the exchange of news, data and services. In addition, they connect employees from different sites and offer universally valid standards of communication. When our clients approach us with an Intranet project, it is frequently coupled with the desire to review and improve existing Intranet systems.


The Goals

  • Improve internal communication and exchange
  • Intensify cooperation between departments, sites and subsidiaries
  • More effective management of knowledge
  • Save time
  • Increase job-satisfaction
  • Increase employee loyalty

The Target Group


The Insight

The Intranet must be an all-in-one tool for work, information and collaboration that quickly and effectively covers the needs of employees from any of the various departments.
Working with it should motivate, and, at best, be fun. Broad acceptance of the tool is the be-all-and-end-all.

Unite all the stakeholders in the same boat.

With many sites on several continents, an effective and well thought out Intranet is the ideal way to enable communication across borders and between business sites. Yet the needs of individual stakeholders can vary enormously.

This is why, we get together with all parties involved at the very beginning of every project – from IT services to various other specialized departments – and together we develop solutions that take everyone’s needs and demands into account.

The secret of success: user experience.

The advantages of a new platform are not necessarily clear to employees from the outset, and some may even fear time-consuming changes. This may well be because they have experienced user-UNfriendly and inflexible “data-tombs” in the past. That’s an absolute no-go nowadays. Users have the intuitive functionality of platforms like Facebook and Google as benchmarks.

While conceptualizing and developing, it is therefore essential to bear in mind the specific demands and resulting user-friendliness of each project. We aim to create digital experiences, because only that guarantees acceptance and continued use of the Intranet. Familiar social media elements should be integrated to promote further exchange between employees.

The icing on the cake: Solutions can accessed anywhere – and not just at the place of work. Cloud-based solutions let your employees access their Intranet from any device, anywhere in the world.

Big Bang instead of “take it or leave it”.

We advise our clients to prepare and accompany the introduction of a new Intranet with careful and regular communication. Not only does this internal marketing process lend value to the collaborative tool, it also enhances acceptance for the mid an long-term.

  • Strategy workshop
  • Conceptualization
  • Design
  • Technical realization
  • Migration of data
  • Process definition
  • Internal marketing concept & strategy
  • Implementation of marketing strategies

These are Intranets #madybycyperfection.