Brand presentation with character.

With its company history of over 350 years, Merck the oldest chemical-pharmaceutical company in the world. The focus for Merck Selbstmedikation branch is firmly on over-the-counter products, available only in pharmacies. Kytta pain relief products are an effective herbal alternative to chemically produced medication.

The Challenge – The Briefing.

A relaunch of the Kytta brand website with reference to the TV commercial and point of sale campaign. The website must highlight the product’s advantages in an easily accessible way, while visually referencing previously employed brand campaigns.


The Goals

  • Motivate patients to switch to Kytta pain relief ointment
  • Position Kytta in the realm of pain relief ointments (“strong without chemical agents”)
  • Lead generation

The Target Group

Sufferers of acute or chronic pain, aged 60+

The Insight

“Do I really want to rub chemicals into my skin on a daily basis?” Many people are torn between what they can tolerate and what is effective. The website should help them to make their decision.

Creates recognition.

It is the websites job to communicate the advantages of Kytta products over their more conventional competitors. The target group should feel prompted to reassess their pain relief regime in order to make the right choice. To establish a link of recognition to the TV and POS campaigns, the narrative of the TV spot is adopted and continued.

Create lasting conviction.

The home page communicates the product’s benefits in short, everyday stories. The herbal ointment’s effectiveness against pain is repeatedly referenced.

In these authentically told stories of the testimonials, the pain sufferers can easily recognize themselves and thus become convinced of the advantages of Kytta pain ointment. The identification with the protagonists, creates trust and lends the product’s promised effect a sense of ‘advice given amongst friends’. Teasers refer to studies, which reinforce the message of Kytta’s efficacy.

Find whatever you need.

Users can find product information about diverse fields of application and active ingredients on the product pages. Teasers that also refer to advisory sites and pharmacy-finders, offer additional services and underpin lead generation.

At “Applications” in the navigation, you find useful information on all the pain relief salve’s possible fields of application, as well as exercises that help alleviate pain.

On the same page, you will find integrated services, such as a pharmacy-finder and a function that allows you to order information leaflets.

Show some love.

Since the brand, Kytta, frequently receives actual “love letters” from its customers by either mail or email, we have dedicated a new channel to them: Under the rubric “My Kytta Story” you will find a form on which users can share their stories and experiences with the Kytta ointment. Participants receive a little thank you gift as an incentive.



As leading agent for Merck Selbstmedikation we implemented:

  • Communication strategy and concept
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Definition of processes
  • Usability & user experience
  • International rollout
  • Content production (text und visuals)
  • Responsive web design
  • Technical implementation
  • Technical support

Digital strategy and online communication for OTC #madebycyperfection.