Persuasive communication.

As a producer of glucose meters, insulin pumps, diabetes management systems and services, the diabetes care brand Accu‑Chek has been dedicated to helping people with diabetes to lead an almost normal and active life.

Here, the many – very often digital – services that support diabetes patients in coping with their condition through their daily lives play an ever more important role.

The Challenge – The Briefing.

To consistently continue the colorful and life-affirming communication of the diabetes care brand Accu‑Chek and fill it with new life and content. The 2016 campaign was designed to contribute to the content marketing approach fixed in the digital strategy. Goal is to motivate diabetes patients to lead an active and independent life.


 The Goals

  • Boost brand loyalty
  • Increase market awareness
  • Strengthen the brand image of Accu-Chek with end consumers and medical professionals (innovative, modern – but reliable and steeped in tradition)

The Target Group

Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes patients of all ages and their relatives, as well as health care professionals (diabetes counselors, medical professionals)

The Insight

People love stories. Stories entertain, surprise and inspire us. They evoke emotions and allow us to venture a look beyond the horizon. So what is more natural than to give people the opportunity to share their stories with others and receive new inspiration and motivation again and again?

Content is King.

cyperfection developed the #meinbuntesleben Diabetes Community – a content marketing platform with a valuable and deep reservoir of knowledge, tips, personal accounts and services revolving around life with diabetes. The platform offers shared activity modules, comment and share functions and gives people with diabetes a digital space where they can talk about all the things they have to deal with in their daily lives.

Here the brand’s communication is a bit on the cheeky side, colorful and always tongue-in-cheek. Headlines that are on point and short catchy copy will sway the reader to browse the website and have fun exploring everyday topics.

Stories from other diabetes patients and diabetes experts are particular interest. Plus, diabetes bloggers share their knowledge and experiences with the community in guest articles.

All stakeholder are on board.

Here, the end consumer communication meshes closely with the campaign aimed at professionals (target group: diabetes counselors and medical professionals): in #meinlernportal professionals are presented with topics tailored to their needs and given the chance to contribute their own stories and tips from their every day work directly to the community.

Further steps, such as offline materials and appropriate giveaways, will complete the integrated marketing approach and support the sales reps in the field in an optimal way.

Integrated marketing with a focus on social media.

The measures of the cross-media campaign range from classic channels of communication, such as print ads in diabetes magazines, to sales drives at the POS in doctor’s offices and pharmacies, to giveaways and finally all the way to advertising activities such as Facebook ads, online banners and Google adwords.

Beyond that, and in the context of a comprehensive content marketing strategy, content from social media communication on Facebook and Twitter is customized to mesh with the editorial plan which offers optimal synergy effects between all platforms. cyperfection also provides editorial assistance and community management.


As the lead agency of Roche Diabetes Care we provide:

  • Development of a user-oriented digital strategy
  • Development of central brand messages
  • Communication strategy and concept
  • Claims / Key-visual development
  • Creation
  • Responsive web design
  • Video concepts and implementation
  • Content production (copy und visuals)
  • Technical implementation
  • Process definition
  • Marketing concept & strategy
  • Implementation of marketing measures

A new story almost every day: The community thrives on the stories it offers their readers. And they are all #madebycyperfection.