Bringing patients and research together digitally.

Roche is a global leader in the discovery and development of drugs and diagnostics, focused on helping people achieve better and longer lives through scientific advances.

Like any other pharmaceutical company, Roche relies on finding a valid number of eligible participants for its studies in order to test its drugs to the point where they can be safely placed on the market. But how does a patient find out that there is a clinical trial for his or her condition that may save lives? Up until now, almost exclusively from the attending physician or agencies who serve as mediators and gatekeepers. Both resources are cost intensive ways.

For this reason, it may be worthwhile for pharmaceutical companies to consider new, more effective patient recruitment strategies:
With measures that are aimed directly at the patient – and with the power of a positive and trust-building image.
In the pilot project “Pioneering Healthcare”, Hofmann La Roche Ltd. together with cyperfection, are pursuing precisely this approach.

The challenge – the brief.

In the pilot project, patients with a specific form of lung cancer were targeted and the participants were recruited for a clinical trial to test a drug. It was therefore a campaign to show the great individual and social benefits of clinical trials and to point out local treatment offers.


The goals

  • Attracting participants for clinical trials
  • Positioning of Roche as an innovative and trustworthy company
  • Reduction of prejudice against clinical trials

The target group

Patients with lung cancer (NSCLC) and further prospective patients with the condition, or related conditions, caregivers, as well as physicians and other people spreading the word.

The insight

Studies have shown that the internet has become the leading medium in health issues in recent years. People like to be informed digitally, use tools, apps and the opportunity to commence a dialogue with other affected patients. The task was to use the campaign to connect with the patient wherever he or she was by applying very individual services.

Pioneering healthcare – lived vision.

The brand claim “Doing now, what patients need next” communicates the vision of the Swiss pharmaceutical company. The “Pioneering Heathcare” campaign developed by cyperfection, translated this given fact into something more tangible and comprehensive for the patient, connecting with him or her exactly where they were: It honors its commitment and leaves behind a sense of appreciation and understanding. The patient is involved in the vision and thus becomes an important partner in the development process.

Integrated communication strategy with a digital hub.

So how did the patient find out that there is a clinical trial from Roche for his or her condition? How can reservations be reduced and the willingness to participate increased? Initially, it was primarily about raising awareness. The aim of the campaign was to draw attention to itself through intelligently placed, cross-media communication measures and gain confidence from the audience with added value in terms of content.

Condition-specific campaign websites offered high value with increased quality and reliable content and services. They made sure that every patient felt optimally connected with. In addition, patients on the website were able to contribute their own personal stories to help other sufferers with everyday life.

A mobile app was developed for lung cancer patients, which included videos with breathing exercises as well as a game to train the lung capacity, to name but a few.

Get strategic partners on board.

The marketing mix also included the announcement among influencers (doctors, self-help groups, pharmacies etc.). Intelligent concepts based on the social web’s viral mechanisms, well-diversified PR measures and creative direct marketing solutions complemented the broad spectrum of marketing measures.

The Facebook app “Flying Wishcards”, for example, was designed to make itself available for patient organizations, which could be integrated into individual Facebook pages, thereby generating donations for their projects.


As a lead agency, we support Hoffmann-La Roche in the following areas:

  • Strategy development
  • Development of brand messages
  • Definition of use cases and touchpoints
  • Concept & communication strategy
  • Usability & user experience
  • Claim development
  • Design (from key visual to app design)
  • Content production (text and image)
  • Video (including storyboarding and implementation)
  • Technical implementation (responsive)
  • App development (iOs and Android)
  • Process definition
  • Marketing concept & strategy

Nearly all services from the cyperfection spectrum were applied in this project: 360° communication at its best.