So bunt wie mein Leben

preview”>Colorful success campaign.

Enabling people with diabetes to lead an almost normal and active life – for over 40 years, the diabetes care brand Accu-Chek has been committed to developing blood sugar level measuring devices, insulin pumps, diabetes management systems and helpful services. In the process, it has become more of a provider of comprehensive solutions rather than just a pure manufacturer. cyperfection has been supporting it with digital ideas as a digital lead agency for more than a decade, advising on digital brand management and now also launching an across-the-board, integrated media campaign.

The challenge – the brief.

An eye-catching campaign which aims to communicate the essence of the Accu-Chek brand while setting new standards in patient communication.


The goals

  • Positioning the diabetes care brand Accu-Chek as a trusted partner that understands the needs of people with diabetes and offers clever solutions.
  • Communication of a variety of products offered by Accu-Chek

The target group

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics of all ages and their dependents

The insight

People with diabetes are in the midst of their lives – they too have the same hobbies, desires and needs as any other ‘healthy’ individuals.

Their life is colorful. Exciting and diverse. Just like the Accu-Chek® product portfolio, which allows patients to keep track of their blood sugar levels or administer insulin.

Accu-Chek products allow customers to customize their lifestyles because they help improve quality of life.

Accu-Chek has the right product for everyone – and is as colorful as the lives of its customers.

User-centered communication for defining brand experiences.

Not only are the products the focus of the campaign, but also the people who use them. These are characterized by hashtags. Each testimonial is assigned a product which it is well suited to based on specific life situations.

The hashtags act as an eye-catching design element, but also serve their actual purpose, as an element for keywording in the social web.

A series of ads as well as short videos on the campaign website introduce each type and explain why the product chosen fits the individual so well and his or her particular life situation.

And which Accu-Chek type are you?

With the digital type test, the campaign website interacts with interested parties and customers involved in competitions and playfully leads them to the most suitable product for them. A final click allows the customer to order a user test and ensures that the perfect match lands in the subscriber’s letterbox a few days later.

Together and not just on an ego trip.

In order to increase the readiness to participate in the type test, but to still generate valid addresses (not just “give-away opportunists”), the promotion was not linked with an incentive, but with a donation to the German diabetes aid organization, diabetesDE. True to the motto: “Join in and do good!” – it was a win-win situation for Accu-Chek and diabetesDE.

All round colorful.

The measures of the integrated campaign range from classic communication such as advertisements in diabetes magazines, to stand-up displays and giveaways in medical practices and at the POS, to marketing via online banners and Google AdWords.


As the lead agency of Roche Diabetes Care we perform with:

  • Development of a user-centered digital strategy
  • Development of key brand messages
  • Communication strategy and conception
  • Claim / key visual development
  • Campaign design
  • Responsive web design
  • Video conception and realization
  • Technical implementation
  • Process definition
  • Marketing concept & strategy
  • Implementation of the marketing measures

This is how the Accu-Chek brand positions itself today and is the reliable partner for people with diabetes.