Only those who know their goals can reach them or, ideally, exceed them. The right strategy is essential - as well as strong partners. Ideally, of course, both.


Would you climb Mount Kilimanjaro without mountain guides or planning your tour in advance? Or even consider crossing the ocean without a nautical chart and helmsman?
Well, we are helmsmen and mountain guides all at the same time.
No matter the types of waters or heights your brand wants. A solid strategic and conceptual foundation leads us through every kind of terrain. And if we are breaking new ground with your brand, we are all the happier for it.


We don’t like taking the wrong approach. Our holistic way of thinking and working is to first understand the larger context. Before we go into brainstorming and action planning, we take a step back.
We always have the big picture in view – and in doing so, successfully lead brands across all touchpoints. By stringently considering the dimensions, business, user and brand, we are completely able to understand the task at hand.
Once we have understood the business model and have obtained good insights about customers and users, and once we have pervaded brand positioning, only then can we create user-centric, digital brand experiences and apply the right tactics to achieve your goals.


With cyperfection, companies get exactly the right team that fits best and promises the greatest success in developing sustainable strategies.
Flexibly scalable, always closely networked – this is how our consultants, strategists or project managers ensure that the goals customers expect from us are met. And often above and beyond. Our focus is on digital communication – because digital is important today and all the more tomorrow.


  • Trend and innovation consulting
  • Brand consulting and creation of brand strategies
  • Digital planning / Development of brand insights
  • Communication consulting for user-centered brand experiences: service design, brand design, UX design
  • Consultation and creation of digital strategies
  • Multi-channel strategy development
  • Consulting mobile and social media strategies
  • Content strategy development
  • Persona and customer journey development, touchpoint analyses, customer journey mapping
  • Employer branding
  • Marketing strategy